Friday, November 9, 2018

Here Is Why You Should Rinse Your Hair With Potato Juice

There is a new product that is able to prevent hair loss and make your hair grow faster than ever. Not only that, but this product darkens white hairs and nourishes our strands, leaving feeling soft and healthy. It sounds too to be true, doesn't it? Or, if it does exist, it
's way too expensive. In fact there may even be hair products out there that are capable of doing all these things for your hair, but they cost a fortune, and are mainly made up of ingredients that we don't know where they came from. And worst of all, we don’t know the consequences they may have on our hair and overall health. The truth is that all the benefits we mentioned at the beginning of this video can be obtained using a natural ingredient: the potato. Potatoes contains many nutrients that can be incredibly beneficial to your hair. 

Potatoes: - Cleanse, nourish and strengthen your scalp; - Increase hair growth; - Prevent hair loss; - Boost shine and strengthen strands. Using this vegetable in your hair care routine is not totally new, but the best way to do it is by using potato water. Here's what you need to do: 


1 potato; 
50 ml of water.

'Wash the potato well and chop it into small pieces. Mix the chopped up potatoes with the water and beat them in the blender for a few minutes. After they have been puréed, use a clean cloth to strain them. Squeeze the potatoes hard with the cloth in order to extract as much liquid as possible. The ideal is to prepare the mixture right before you preform the treatment so you make sure that you're not losing any of it beneficial qualities. The application process is very easy. Gently massage your scalp with the potato juice for five to ten minutes. Then apply it all over your hair and let it sit for at least 30 minutes but no more then 2 hours. Wash and condition your hair as usual. You can also mix the potato juice with 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and apply it to your hair if you want to increase the growth rate even more.